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Caim & Able


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CAIM & ABLE's take on a coffee based exfoliator - combined with magnesium salt for soft, smooth skin.

An all-natural coffee scrub that prevents and removes dry skin whilst helping to fade stretch marks and reduce cellulite. Instantly, skin will feel soft, smooth and hydrated. Caffeine promotes collagen production and improve skin's appearance. 

This product smells delicious—many customers have asked if it's edible. It is not. While we can't recommend eating a scoop (tempting as it is), we can say it's perfectly safe, and honestly great, to use as a lip scrub! 

INGREDIENTS: Organic Coffee, Magnesium sulphate, Raw Cane Sugar, Magnesium Oil, Olive Oil, Mandarin essential oil.

PACKAGING: No longer sold in our stand up pouches, it now comes in a fully recyclable PET jar that is designed to be repurposed in any way that you like! Each jar has a capacity of 300g. 

Fun Fact: Caim & Able uses locally sourced coffee bean bound for landfill, simply due to over-roasting. Zero Waste! Made without:
Animal products, parabens, synthetic ingredients and PEGs. 



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