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The Best Natural Epsom Salt in Australia. 1.8kg resealable pouch
Treat tired, stiff muscles or simply unwind after a long day with CAIM & ABLE's Epsom Salt. The wellness and healing benefits of a natural Epsom Salt bath have been known for generations. 
  • Soothe aching muscles and joints
  • Care for sprains and bruises
  • Revive tired, aching feet
  • Relax and Unwind
  • Muscle recovery 
Epsom Salt is a form of Magnesium known for its soothing and detoxifying properties. It's the perfect option for renewing and recharging the body. 
Directions: Simply use 2 cups or two large handfuls in a regular size bath. 
🤍 Try adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil as well for a bespoke  aromatherapy bath experience
Ingredients: Pharmaceutical Grade Magnesium Sulfate.  
If you are looking for bulk Epsom salts in Australia, Epsom salt for float tanks - get in touch for a bulk price list. 



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