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Caim & Able


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Work with your Blue Apatite stone to relieve you from emotional exhaustion,  filling you with optimism and inspiration. Move past any fears, self-doubt, grief or pain that is holding you back so you can create the life you want. Manifest your ideas into your reality.
Apatite is a stone that is strongly connected with the future. It has strong manifesting capabilities and can help us to develop our psychic gifts and spirituality. It is a great stone to meditate with as it can encourage us to go deeper into a blissful state.
Healing Properties:
    • Intentions: Creativity, Wellness, Motivation
    • Chakra: Throat, Third Eye
    • Zodiac: Gemini
    • Elements: Air
    Star Sign: Aquarius + Pisces + Sagittarius
    Energy healers and Reiki practitioners use crystal tower generators for cleansing, healing, and balancing purposes. These crystal tools can help them direct a powerful energy flow to a certain area of the body, to reflexology points or to a chakra.
    Please, be aware that, as natural creations, their appearance can vary from the images, and they may contain tiny fissures or pits that are part of their formation. Our products are natural and/or handmade, making them exquisite and unique pieces, but you can trust that our team will always pick the best product for you



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